A flying boat

Catalina NG is an amphibious ultralight "side by side" which will allow you to take off as well from water as from a traditional runway with its retractable landing gear. You will be protected from the wind by a tinted windshield. The lack of canopy will offer you the opportunity to take wonderful souvenir pictures of the lagoon, without visual obstruction.

The cruising speed will allow you to fully enjoy the overview of the lagoon and watch the dugongs and dolphins. Its 2 fuel tanks offer you over a 2h30 trip.

You will have all the time you want to discover the sensations and the joy of the aviation’s pioneers during their first flights.

Fly Synthesis Catalina NG technical card.

Type : 2 seats ULM

Company : Fly Synthesis

Model : Catalina NG

Engine : ROTAX 582

Cruise speed 130 km/h

Retractable landing gear